Exercise (9)-Diff

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5 Responses

  1. محمد مدحت محمد says:

    l2a tmam 😀

  2. بيتر ممدوح راشد says:

    in the homework Q4 i think it should be lim x tends to 0 not infinite … am i right ?

  3. لميس عصام محمد رشاد says:

    Howa el equations bta3t el (e) lazm m3 el power el fraction zero wl whole number infinity ?minf3sh el 3aks ?

  4. يوسف حمدي جابر says:

    howa ex.10 haynzel emta ?

  5. hoda tarek says:

    Daragty fe ex. 2 el code 1323

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